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Welcome to Gabby & Company, founded in 1998. Shirley Ng-Benitez is the owner/designer and has worked in the design industry for over 20 years. She has hand-lettered greeting cards for American Greetings, Inc., designed for major design, marketing, and toy companies, and continues to pursue her love of design via traditional and digital methods. Current projects include web design and graphics; application graphics; wine label design; book design and production; technology and medical collateral; and illustration for the children's market. Shirley's passionate about quality and works hard to exceed expectations for her valued clients.

Who is Gabby?

"Gabby was an incredibly sweet and loving Boxer, and was my very first pup. She reminded me to get up and take a break from work, every single day. I'm grateful for her constant companionship, but more importantly the lesson Gabby-girl taught me, which was to take care of myself, get some fresh air, but most of all, don't stress so darned much! Thank you, sweet Gabby...we miss you a lot and now Zsófi is following in your footsteps." - Shirley

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